Diversity Plans

So you have cultural diversity, now what? The tools and theories of inclusion

This article discusses the practice of inclusion which goes beyond cultural diversity to create a better work environment for the diverse workforce.

  • Key Terms: inclusion, collective, conflict resolution, flexibility, tolerance
  • Source: Diversity Central

Fostering Diversity is a Journey, Not a Destination

This article discusses the need for a strategic plan in recruiting diverse board members. The article also discusses the importance of board diversity as it helps promote pluralism and understanding, and increases credibility among the community served.

  • Key Terms: diverse board, diversity, human resources, organizational management
  • Year: 2005
  • Source: Taliaferro, Joceyn DeVance

Bottom Line: Connecting Corporate Performance and Gender Diversity

This research report finds that organizations that maintain gender diversity in management positions show financial benefits over companies that do not have diverse workforces.

  • Key Terms: contract, diversity, organizational development, organizational management, human resources, performance
  • Year: 2004
  • Source: Catalyst

Cultural Competency Resources Pages

This Web site provides information on nonprofit management and leadership, the work of transforming the sector to generate large-scale change, and capacity building for nonprofit effectiveness.

  • Key Terms: capacity building, cultural awareness, cultural competency, diversity, racial inequality
  • Source: Alliance for Nonprofit Management

Nonprofits Have a Spotty Record On Diversity

This article discusses the lack of diversity of those in leadership roles in the nonprofit sector, and provides a potential solution.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency
  • Source: Nonprofit Times, The

How to Calculate Diversity Return on Investment (DROI): An Overivew

This is a tool can be used by organizations to calculate the return on investment in diversity plans.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency
  • Source: The Multicultural Advantage

Rebuilding "Diversity" Perceptions

This article provides suggestions for how organizations can move from managing the diversity in their workplace to managing the diversity experience in their workplace.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency
  • Source: Dr. C. Lamar Robinson, Diversity Business

Mid and Long Term Startegies for Diversity Hiring

This article suggests organizations that are willing to invest time, money, and thoughtful planning will have greater success meeting their diversity goals. Included in this article are steps organizations can take to meet their diversity goals.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency
  • Source: execsearches.com

Developing an Organizational Change Plan in Diversity

This article discusses the creation of an organizational change plan, outlines major organizational habits to avoid, and closes with steps of successful implementation.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency
  • Source: Multicultural Advantage

Maximizing Diversity Council Effectiveness

This article discusses the need to form a diversity council and outlines practices to avoid in order to be successful.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency
  • Source: Multicultural Advantage

Diversity In Governance: A Toolkit for Inclusion on Nonprofit

This research report outlines steps to introduce inclusiveness, particularly to leaders of organizations. The report outlines important topics to get an organization started while covering ways to bring the organization to the next level of inclusiveness.  Sections covered include articulating a policy and tracking progress, creating a diversity committee, training, and embedding diversity in organizational framework.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency
  • Source: Maytree Foundation

Guide to Achieving Workplace Diversity

This Web site is a guide to help nonprofits integrate diversity and inclusiveness into the workplace.  The major topics are covered in 7 phases and include: introduction, establishing a framework, implementation, integration, evaluation, redefinition and consolidation.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency, inclusiveness
  • Source: Third Sector New England

Inclusiveness At Work: How to Build Inclusive Nonprofit Organizations

This report outlines best practices for incorporating inclusiveness into an organization.  The report includes tools and worksheets organizations can use to express the importance of inclusiveness, start an inclusiveness initiative, build a committee, or best practices on hiring an inclusiveness consultant.  The cost of the full report is $35, but the introduction is free to preview.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency, inclusiveness
  • Source: Denver Foundation

Stimulating Organizational Success: Overcoming Barriers to Board

This article discusses some main points to consider when evaluating your organization's diversity.  It also outlines some helpful strategies and has links to additional resources for board development and leadership.

  • Key Terms: diversity, cultural competency
  • Source: Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, City of Seattle

The Architecture of Inclusion

This is resource describes how the Girl Scouts of America work to encourage diversity within their ranks.  It provides examples for other organizations to follow.

  • Key Terms: diversity, inclusion, promoting diversity
  • Year: 2007
  • Source: Girl Scouts of America

Capitalizing on Diversity, Maximizing Performance

This web page discusses the importance of diversity and presents a plan for having a diversity and inclusion plan.

  • Key Terms: cultural competency, diversity, inclusion
  • Source: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Building Diverse and Inclusive Foundations - Lessons from Michigan

This document details the value of diversity and inclusion in philanthropy, in addition to providing practices that Michigan foundations used to build a more diverse and inclusive organization.

  • Key Terms: cultural competency, diversity, inclusion
  • Source: Michigan Council of Foundations

Introduction to the Human Resources Discipline of Diversity

This website provides definitions of several keys topics and terms about diversity.

  • Key Terms: cultural competency, diversity, inclusion
  • Source: Society for Human Resource Management

Responses to Diversity: Approaches and Initiatives

This resource highlights four common diversity initiatives and the strengths and weakness of these plans.

  • Key Terms: cultural competency, diversity, inclusion
  • Source: Society for Human Resource Management
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