Advocacy Planning

Understanding The Process: The Problem-Solving Method

This article discusses a method for identifying and targeting a public policy issue, which is an important step in the design of an advocacy plan. It presents a method of analysis and validation.
  • Key Terms: advocacy, advocacy plan, coalition, government, political system, problem solving method, public policy
  • Source: Ohio State University Extension

Exploring Organizations and Advocacy: Strategies and Finances

This report focuses on the status of lobbying and advocacy by nonprofits. It discusses strategies that work, trends in political action and community organizing, and ways to fund advocacy work.
  • Key Terms: advocacy, financial management, funding, government, legal considerations, lobbying regulations, political system, public policy, social movement
  • Year: 2001
  • Source: Urban Institute

Key Questions For Developing An Advocacy Strategy

This article discusses how an effective advocacy strategy is rooted in nine key questions. It explains how strategy is distinct from tactics.
  • Key Terms: advocacy, campaign, lobby, target audience
  • Source: The Democracy Center

Nine Questions: A Strategy Planning Tool for Advocacy Campaigns

This article lists nine questions that should be considered when organizing and implementing an advocacy campaign.

  • Key Terms: advocacy, advocacy plan, effective communication, goals, lobbying, message
  • Year: 2002
  • Source: Shultz, Jim

Speak Up: Tips on Advocacy for Publicly Funded Nonprofits

This article provides basic information on why and how a nonprofit can legally advocate and lobby. It addresses the fear of losing tax exemption and provides resources for further study.
  • Key Terms: advocacy, IRS, legal considerations, lobbying, lobbying regulation, nonprofit status, publicly funded
  • Source: The Center for an Urban Future

Myth vs. Fact: Foundation Support of Advocacy

The book explains the full range of advocacy activities that foundations can support. It is organized to follow the grantmaking process from proposal applications to grant agreement letters.
  • Key Terms: advocacy, funding, foundation, grantmaking, grant agreements, grant terms, lobbying, planning
  • Year: 1995
  • Source: Alliance For Justice

Advocacy and Lobbying Toolkit

This toolkit offers tools and resources for effective advocacy media relations. The Web site offers sample letters, media alerts, communication models, and more.
  • Key Terms: advocacy, communication correspondence, congress, lobbying, media relations
  • Source: Connecticut Association of Nonprofits

FAQ: Lobbying and Advocacy

This web page answers frequently asked questions about lobbying including what is considered lobbying, lobbying restrictions for tax-exempt organizations, and political candidate endorsements.
  • Key Terms: lobbying, advocacy
  • Source: Center for Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Advocacy

This article describes advocacy in the nonprofit sector, its historic roots, important people related to advocacy, and its ties to the philanthropic sector.
  • Key Terms: advocacy, campaign, community advocacy, lobbying
  • Source: Johnson, Joyce
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